Twilight Eclipse 8-bit Youtube Game

When I opened up Youtube today I saw one of my subscribtion TheFineBros talk about a new Station video. A Twilight interactive game!

Why do I sound excited about this, especially since if you seen my Sims posts I clearly hate Twilight? Well…

The games visual style is like an old Nintendo game RPG. How you actually play is similar to a visual novel/choose your own adventure. This game uses the youtube annotations very well. It took me four or five times to actually win. I got team Edward. But the bad endings are even more fun because Bella (sometimes Edward) dies, yay!

My favorite ending was when Bella was “Screw all this! I’m leaving Forks, and I’m never going to date magical creatures anymore!”. I actually liked Bella in this ending, and was hoping that the series would’ve turned out like this. Bella gets killed by Victoria in this ending as well.

I really like the humor in this game. Victoria played by another actress joke happened a little too much though.

I would suggest to all Twilight lovers and haters give this game a try.

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Epic Mickey Evil Transformation Toned Down

According to this article, the transformation of Evil Mickey will be toned down from creepy rat like creature to something more “Smudgy”.

During a recent demonstration of the latest iteration of the upcoming Wii game that has been on display at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Spector said the decision to scrap the malevolent-looking Mickey was made because of negative feedback during focus testing of the game, which features Mickey trekking through a cartoon wasteland.

“People don’t like it when you mess with Mickey,” said Spector. “We did a focus test that was really eye-opening for me. There was a biker dude saying, ‘Oh, I’d never play a Mickey Mouse game,’ and then we showed him images of a changed Mickey. I was sitting there thinking, ‘You’re gonna love what we do,’ but he said, ‘No! Don’t mess with my childhood.'”

Lame. That biker dude saying that he would never play a Mickey Mouse game already shows that he has bias against Mickey Mouse games. It would’ve been kinda cool to see an evil rat like creature Mickey, but I don’t think the appearance change would affect the game too much.

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Awesome Heavy Rain Agent Norman Jayden Cosplay

I love Nahman Jayden.I love the little quick time controls the cosplayer has. Picture via deviantart user DDRzukamori.

via albotas

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New Plants vs Zombies Level In Worldwinner

Yesterday Worldwinner (a cash competition site) premiered a new “hard” level for their Plants vs Zombies game. In the new level there are now, pogo, ladder, football, and catapult zombies. Plus a bunch of new plant zombies. If you already have an account on worldwinner and been playing that cash games, and your good at it, the new “hard” level should be a nice challenge.

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Sims 3: Justin Bieber Doesn’t Like Edward Cullen

Hey, another episode of my Edward and Bella sims. Using the very fun game Sims 3. Check out the first episode. This episode starts with Edward and Bella at the gym.

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Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar Video

UPDATE 6/18/2010 Video Demo


Now more of that Rock Band pro guitar which will go for $149.99. I’m definetly more interested in Rock Band 3 now after seeing this video. To make room I’ll have to trade-in/sell/get rid of my Rock Band guitar when the pro comes out. This is definitely a good direction in the Rock Band series. Instead 5 colorful buttons, it will be 102 buttons. Major fuuuuuuuu for people who already master the 5 button guitar. Some of the things that I’m concerned about is if they will upgrade all Rock Band store songs to pro…yeah they probably will.

via gonintendo and gamersyde

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Kingdom Hearts Keyblade In Disneyland

Don’t get too excited with the tittle. You can’t actually get a keyblade from Disneyland so a person from MiceChat forums decided to bring the keyblade to Disneyland. Click continue you will see more pictures with characters from the theme park.

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