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Twilight Eclipse 8-bit Youtube Game

When I opened up Youtube today I saw one of my subscribtion TheFineBros talk about a new Station video. A Twilight interactive game! Why do I sound excited about this, especially since if you seen my Sims posts I clearly … Continue reading

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Epic Mickey Evil Transformation Toned Down

According to this article, the transformation of Evil Mickey will be toned down from creepy rat like creature to something more “Smudgy”. During a recent demonstration of the latest iteration of the upcoming Wii game that has been on display … Continue reading

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Awesome Heavy Rain Agent Norman Jayden Cosplay

I love Nahman Jayden.I love the little quick time controls the cosplayer has. Picture via deviantart user DDRzukamori. via albotas

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New Plants vs Zombies Level In Worldwinner

Yesterday Worldwinner (a cash competition site) premiered a new “hard” level for their Plants vs Zombies game. In the new level there are now, pogo, ladder, football, and catapult zombies. Plus a bunch of new plant zombies. If you already … Continue reading

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Sims 3: Justin Bieber Doesn’t Like Edward Cullen

Hey, another episode of my Edward and Bella sims. Using the very fun game Sims 3. Check out the first episode. This episode starts with Edward and Bella at the gym.

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Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar Video

UPDATE 6/18/2010 Video Demo 6/14/2010 Now more of that Rock Band pro guitar which will go for $149.99. I’m definetly more interested in Rock Band 3 now after seeing this video. To make room I’ll have to trade-in/sell/get rid of … Continue reading

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Kingdom Hearts Keyblade In Disneyland

Don’t get too excited with the tittle. You can’t actually get a keyblade from Disneyland so a person from MiceChat forums decided to bring the keyblade to Disneyland. Click continue you will see more pictures with characters from the theme … Continue reading

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