Nintendo E3 2010 The Parts I Cared About

I’m going to make my post of the Nintendo E3 conference as short and sweet as possible.

Dragon Quest IX coming out next month on the DS. After that segment I placed the game on my wish list.

Epic Mickey! Has a sort of Kingdom Hearts feel, yes I know that the games aren’t connected. But it’s cool you get to travel through classic Disney worlds and control the look of the environment.
Speaking of Epic Mickey there was another game called Kirby Epic Yarn for the wii. Yeah, I know. There are a lot of items using yarn that some might consider “epic”, just check out etsy. Still the name is pretty ridiculous. But despite the title, the trailer made the game look really cute. The world is fabric and you can manipulate it in some ways.

3DS! Really excited for this one. Too bad I wasn’t there to experience it for myself. I love their list of new 3DS games. I’m keeping my eye on Kingdom Hearts 3DS, Professor Layton, Kid Icarus, some Atlus games.

Rants: Monotone English voice acting for Miyamoto. Whoever it was did not sound excited at all.
To those complaining about Nintendo is “just showcasing remakes” well they are giving an opportunity to the younger gamers that never had an N64 to experience these games.

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