Sims 3: Justin Bieber Doesn’t Like Edward Cullen

Hey, another episode of my Edward and Bella sims. Using the very fun game Sims 3. Check out the first episode. This episode starts with Edward and Bella at the gym.

Nice try Bella.

This picture was a lot creepier than it looks. Especially when she’s walking towards you with that smile and her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

At work Edward just finish doing a make over on this granny.

Old Woman: OMG is that me?!


[Insert quote here]

Justin Bieber: Dear Sim God from the sky, why did you let a guy like this into our world?

Edward Cullen: Is this guy trying to be funny?

Bella meets the neighbour.

Neighbor: Hi, Bella Cullen right?

Bella: I want babies.

Edward and Bella’s house gets rob. The only witness is a ghost. And the police lost the fight. The robber got away.

Edward eats on stage. No one is watching him.

Back to Bella wanting babies…she tries to seduce Edward.


Edward needs to clean all theĀ dirtinessĀ from Bella.

Bella and my self sim meet. We fight. I win. Yay.

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