Twilight Eclipse 8-bit Youtube Game

When I opened up Youtube today I saw one of my subscribtion TheFineBros talk about a new Station video. A Twilight interactive game!

Why do I sound excited about this, especially since if you seen my Sims posts I clearly hate Twilight? Well…

The games visual style is like an old Nintendo game RPG. How you actually play is similar to a visual novel/choose your own adventure. This game uses the youtube annotations very well. It took me four or five times to actually win. I got team Edward. But the bad endings are even more fun because Bella (sometimes Edward) dies, yay!

My favorite ending was when Bella was “Screw all this! I’m leaving Forks, and I’m never going to date magical creatures anymore!”. I actually liked Bella in this ending, and was hoping that the series would’ve turned out like this. Bella gets killed by Victoria in this ending as well.

I really like the humor in this game. Victoria played by another actress joke happened a little too much though.

I would suggest to all Twilight lovers and haters give this game a try.

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